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A Proudly Namibian company

A Little History
Behind Our

Rocco v/d Heever
Founder & CEO

Formula Courier Services started its operations on the 25 July 2006. The target market being Ovambo-land in the beginning, but due to customer demand, it changed within the first year to a national courier, covering all northern and southern regions of Namibia and the coast.

The growth experienced was phenomenal, starting with only 4 pickups and 4 busses, Formula’s fleet has grown to more than 60 commercial vehicles. Depots and agencies have grown from 3 to 13, for customer convenience.

Formula is currently the overnight courier supplier of choice for the bigger distribution companies in Namibia. We also provide our services to Namibian and South African based couriers, as a third party service provider. 

Formula is managed in a “hands-on” approach, by giving “ownership” of the depot to the supervisor and incentivising the supervisors and drivers.

Formula has more than 100 qualified personnel to assist our customers in any way possible.

Formula Couriers is a 100% Namibian owned with all assets and decision makers residing in the borders of Namibia

Formula Management

Andre Havenga
General Manager
Azani Smit
Financial manager
Francois de Wit
Operations manager
Jacques Turner
North East Business Manager
Caroline Jooste
Sales & Marketing Manager
James Bassingthwaighte
Northern Business Manager
Piet van Zyl
Central North Business Manager
Rudi Germishuys
Coastal Business Manager
Heino Van Zyl
Southern Region Business Manager

How We Stay
Next Big Thing

Our Mission

Formula Courier Services deliver cost and time efficient freight solutions to contracted clients that save them time and money, and improve their profit margins.

Our Formula


Formula operates on a contractual basis to secure for our clients the savings gained through volumes. Besides highly competitive rates we also offer rebates to clients that maintain a consistently high volume of business with Formula.

Future routes and schedules will be developed in consultation with our contracted clients to ensure that we develop solutions that fit their distribution channels and business growth.


Formula offers an express, overnight delivery between the major locations as specified on our standard collection and delivery routes. A special following-day delivery is offered to certain locations in close proximity to our standard centres.

Formula will establish agreements with other freight carriers to continue expanding the destinations we offer our clients. We will continuously develop routes to new centres in Namibia and South Africa.


Formula works closely with our clients’ personnel in charge of store operations. We assist these people with the despatch and delivery of goods and will provide electronic solutions to limit paperwork and speed-up administrative tasks.


Formula develops processes with our clients’ input to help minimize losses from the point of collection to the point of delivery. We will supply security materials and control procedures to ensure that all goods are at all times accounted for. We carry the necessary insurance and make available additional cover to help our clients offset losses.

Meet the Team

Windhoek Supervisors and Administrators

Michelle Mbuende
Freight Supervisor
Anna Van Wyk
Cash Supervisor
Ivonne Jorge
Accounts Administrator
Diana Uazama
Giandro Resandt
Windhoek Branch Manager
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